Sex and Rainbows

I'm Jessamyn, a 23 year old fangirl and vidder, with extreme love and enthusiasm for Klefan/Joseph&Paul and occasionally past that obsession also Bonnie Bennett/Kat Graham appreciation, Blam worship, and scattered other things and sometimes rants. Or crackship gifs. Honestly it's all a little random but it's mostly Klefan. Or Blam.

I also sometimes make shoddy graphics and fics.

'That wasn't you!' -Elena
'Oh, it was absolutely me' -Stefan

You can find me on Youtube at JJdahling333 and if a strange person called 'jessamynj' is liking all your shit, following you, and asking you questions? Yeah, me. One day maybe tumblr will let me change which account is primary. ALL gifs in my set up there are my own and can be found in 'my edits.'


AU: Blaine and Sam are friends since childhood but both are confused by ”their growth into teenagers and their developing feelings for each other”. X

How to say “I love you” the Dean Winchester way

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Anonymous requested Klelijah - “He’s my brother. We remain together.”

Long ago lived a fellow that caught your eye, hair that curled in a beautiful ‘fro…

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